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The art

of eating:

The podcast demystifying healthy eating

hosted by

Dr. Vincent Esposito

& Dr. Kali Olsen

Welcome to the art of eating podcast!

As holistically-trained doctors, we care deeply about education and empowerment when it comes to your health. But we know (all too well) that trying to figure out what the “right” choices are for you can be overwhelming. 


We aim to help make lifestyle and diet advice bite-sized, easier to understand, and painless to bring into your own life.

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Your hosts,

Dr. Vin & Dr. Kali

Dr. Vincent Esposito DC, MS is a licensed chiropractor working in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Kali Olsen ND, MSAc, MS is a licensed naturopathic physician working in Hamden, CT. Both doctors are board-certified physicians and who completed an additional Masters degree in Nutrition Science.

The AOE podcast offers a look inside the brains of two very different (but equally food-obsessed) doctors when it comes to questions we’re most commonly asked, and the topics we find our patients and loved ones struggling with the most. 

There will be tangents. There will be recipes. And, most importantly, there will be a lot of us learning from each other and geeking out over research.

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From cookbooks to kitchen staples, we've put all our tried-and-true favorites in one place to make your journey to your next great meal even easier.
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